Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day has been celebrated for hundreds of years and has now become an international day to celebrate love between two people. It’s a day for you to show your spouse or partner what they mean to you.

When thinking about a Valentine’s gift , a beautiful bouquet of flowers is th perfect present. Red Roses are the traditional favourite, but have you ever wondered why?

Well, through the ages flowers have come to represent different meanings. Here are just a few

  • Red Rose – True/passionate love
  • Yellow Rose – Friendship
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum – Precious one
  • Daffodil – unrequited love
  • Dahlia – Elegance and dignity
  • Primrose – Eternal love

There’s a lot of flowers to choose from and all of them have their own meanings. You choose flowers that reflect something that’s close or personal to you.

We make things really easy for you , as we have a great range of fabulous Hamlitons chocolates to  go with your flowers.We hope you have a romantic Valentine’s Day.

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Image of 50 Roses for Valentines Day in Bromsgrove